The visual concept for both and “Mit Livs Fødsel” space.

Unplugged graphics and design for different kind of content.



About Project

Camilla is a very wise woman I hold very dear. She shares knowledge of holistic and alternative therapies, methods as well as psychological and pedagogical approaches that support women and their children, so that they get strengthened through pregnancy, birth and the first years of their motherhood.

She asked me to design her latest service. “Mit Livs Fødsel” – “The Birth of my Life”.

This included visual identity (not logo which she already had) and simplero setup with content and settings.

Camillas wish was also to have me to create a visual online identity to promote the whole business. The assignment consisted of both visual concept and designing her already installed wordpress website.

Project Details
  • Categories:Concept, Design, Graphics, Mockups, Wordpress
  • Skills:Concept, Design, IA, Identitet
  • Project URL:
  • Client:Camilla Willumsen
  • Date:10/01/2017